We need humans..

Production Casting in progress for "Humanity" 

Work are looking for people who's lives have been positively impacted by their experience at WORK Irvine and who would love to participate in our next video

Also! Members of the WORK community that are in publicly safety ( Police ,Fire , EMS ) Armed Forces, Medicine - or from the boardroom to the courtroom - we would love to showcase how your time at WORK helps you when your outside of WORK at your other work!


Independent Feature Film in pre-production

Attn: Actors and Crews

We are currently seeking qualified and motivated individuals to participate in all levels of production both in front and behind the camera. 

Our currently untitled feature is a fictional story inspired by true events. It's the story of Marcus Owens - one of the first African American graduates of an AMA approved medical School post Brown -v- Board of education and takes place on location in Little Rock AK. 

Casting:  More than 30 roles to fill - contact us for to see if there is a part for you and to find out about audition scheduling. 

Production assistants, Gaffers, Grips, sound, hair, makeup and more.

Please Contact Jordan Wright: jordan@insidejobfilms.com for more information